Toys For Tots

Marine Sergeant Bryson Subert and Marine Sergeant Tyler Kirk

Marine Sergeant Bryson Subert and Marine Sergeant Tyler Kirk

The Toys for Tots meeting was again a great success with donations of over 100 toys and cash contributions of  almost $600.00.

It is a great feeling that we again can provide some assistance to the United States Marines in helping these area children have a better Christmas.

Thank you for your donations!!

Attending our meeting were Marine Sergeant Bryson Subert and Marine Sergeant Tyler Kirk.  We appreciate their service to our country and are appreciative of the time they give to this special program.

Bayley Lake Restoration

BayleyIEFFC Work Party at Bayley Lake:  On  October 9th, seven members of the IEFFC continued what has been a long-standing (over 30 years) club project to maintain the inlet channel at Bayley Lake.

Jerry McBride, Floyd Holmes, Bob Anderson, Stephen Aspinwall, Bill Papish, Don Perry and Jim Athearn spent several hours removing grass, weeds and tree limbs from the channel.  They then placed gravel by the weirs to refresh the spawning area.  While it is uncertain just how much trout production occurs from the channel, it is believed that by providing a place for mature rainbows to spawn there is an increased survival in large fish that contribute to a higher quality fishery in the lake.  Jerry, Bob, Floyd and Don stayed after the work party to exercise a few of those trout.

Fin Clipping -Fall

On September, 23rd, 2014, IEFFC again visited the Spokane Fish Hatchery to do some fin clipping.

IEFFC members Jerry Harms, Keith Kuester, Floyd Holmes, Ivan Lines, Bruce Morgan, Ray Kranches, Tom Hoag, Lee Funkhouser and Jim Athearn volunteered to assist Spokane Fish Hatchery in a fin clipping operation.

About 23,000 small, rainbow triploids were clipped as part of a 10-year program for Long Lake.  These fish were small (2 – 4”) which made the job a little more challenging than in previous events.

Fin Clipping at the Spokane Hatchery

Fin Clipping at the Spokane Hatchery


Thank you to everyone who participated.

Fin Clipping

Long Lake RB 3-2014Long Lake RB 3-2014-2On March 10th ten members from the IEFFC volunteered to help WDFW clip fins at the Spokane Hatchery.

These fish are to be released in Long Lake as part of a study being funded by Avista. A big thank you to George Potter, Larry Ray, Floyd Holmes, Bruce Morgan, Ray Kranches, Neal Beechinor, Jerry Harms, Ivan Lines, Dan Lobb, and Harry Calhoun.

Randy Osborne, District 2 Fisheries Biologist for WDFW, followed up by saying “I want to thank the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club for providing volunteers to help with the fin-clipping at Spokane Hatchery.  With your clubs help, we ended up clipping about 37,000 fish that day!”

Kid’s Fishing

Paul Davis

Paul Davis with a young fisher

Jim Athearn setting up rods

Jim Athearn setting up rods

This years Kid’s Fishing Day was a tremendous success and IEFFC again played a major role in the production.  Floyd Holmes and Fred Shiosaki have kept our involvement at a high level and we continue to be a major contributor to the success of this fine program.

This year the program expanded to offer a special session on Friday for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House.  The Legacy Committee came forward to supply the funding for bus transportation for the kids and their parents with a donation in memory of Will ShawFloyd Holmes and Jerry Harms accompanied the kids and a special thanks goes out to  Northwestern Stage Lines for transporting the families to and from Clear Lake.  This new program was well received and will be a part of Kid’s Fishing for the future.

On Saturday we had a number of volunteers show up to help with the event.  Those included Jerry Harms, Randy Shaber, Dick Odell, Jim Athearn, Paul Coopwood, Eric Delbo, Paul Davis,and Jerry Harms friend Warren Daubel.

Thanks for a job well done!!

Dick O'Dell with a happy group of fishers

Dick O’Dell with a happy group of fishers

Floyd Holmes getting a rod ready

Floyd Holmes getting a rod ready

Morningstar Boys Ranch

This years Morning Star Boys Ranch Casting/Tying and Fishing was held May 8 and 10, 2014.  It was well received by the boys and those IEFFC members who participated are to be commended.

The Fly tying was held on May 8th and the following members were available to the boys to show them some basic patterns and assist them in learning how to cast.  Special thanks to Mike Beasley, Merlin Heintz, Mark Hensley, Ward McAuliffe and Bruce Morgan.  This part of the Fishout is often overlooked, but is so essential in preparing the boys for a good day of fishing on Saturday.

On Saturday everyone met for breakfast at LindeBees Diner at 7 am and had the usual great breakfast.  The Legacy Committee covered the cost of the breakfast through a donation in memory of Jim Rose.

From the diner everyone headed to West Medical Lake where the boys were split up and placed in the various boats brought by IEFFC members.  Those manning the boats included Stephen Aspinwall, Ray Kranches, Bob Harley, Bruce Morgan, Doug Pineo, Frank Faha, Harry Calhoun, Hugh Evans, Jim Athearn, Ladin Langeman, Paul Wham, Russ Roundy, and Bob Burton.  We don’t know until the morning of the fishout how many boys will be coming so the following members were ready to assist with a boat if needed; Jerry McBride, Jim Turner, Doug Brossoit and Bob Anderson.

Thanks to all of these volunteers for making the program a huge success.

Fenton Roskelley Fundraiser

The legacy committee will have a display of Fenton Roskelleys materials and equipment available at the May meeting.

The proceeds from the sale will help to continue this committees’ ability to fund our programs involving area youth.  This year the Legacy Committee is already funding Kids Fishing and the Morningstar Boys Ranch outing.  In addition, they are able to provide the funding to transport the Ronald MacDonald House children and parents to the special Friday edition of Kid’s Fishing.

Big Horn Sports Show

The IEFFC had an expanded role at the Big Horn Show this year and, thanks to about 20 volunteers, it was a great success reflecting very well on our club.

We added the tying theater, kids’ raffle for a beginner’s tying kit, and gave out 18 additional kits put together with donations from club members, materials from Bob Bates’ collection (courtesy of the Legacy Committee) and some club funding.  There were 100 entrants in the raffle won by Yancy Davis from Coeur d’Alene.  He was there shortly after the drawing and said he was going straight home to start tying.  Our tyers included Harry Calhoun, Neal Beechinor, Randy Shaber, Hugh Evans, Ray Kranches, Bob Harley, Rick Ripley, Gordon Olson, Leonard Gross, Bill Papish, Jerry McBride, Larry Ray, Don Perry, Leon Buckles, Jason Mulligan, Chet Allison, and Bill McElroyRick and Leon set up the booth and Larry came by to help them break it down on Sunday.  Leon was there every day, all day, to make sure things ran smoothly.  Tom May provided some hats to give the kids.  It was nice to see some IEFFC members stop by the booth and, hopefully they got to see Bill Papish in action on Saturday – a true master at working a crowd to draw in the kids for a personal tying lesson.  Thank you to all our volunteers and we look forward to next year and maybe even a few more new ideas for the kids.


West Medical Lake Aerator


George Potter looking at the new aeration

In 2013 the IEFFC helped WDFW purchase and install an aeration system in the northeast end of West Medical Lake.

This replaced an old, obsolete system that hasn’t operated for years. The main reason for needing the new system is to minimize the potential impacts of rapid lake turnover in the early fall. The lake normally turns over gradually over a period of a week or two but that can change quickly during storms, such as occurred in September, 2012, when high wind caused the lake to turn over in a matter of hours. This created an anoxic condition that resulted in a substantial fish kill. The new aerator will also be run during the winter to eliminate any potential winter kill. Quite a few of the club members fish West Medical Lake plus it is where we take the boys from the Morningstar Ranch to fish each spring. George Potter was the club leader with assistance from Boyd Matson and Jim Athearn. Our club contribution was a little over $5000 which was matched by the WDFW. The Spokane Flyfishers also provided some funds.