Big Horn Show Cancelled

As usual, planning and volunteering was in place and Jim Athearn had the Big Horn
Show program well under control. Unfortunately, the corona virus has caused a cancellation of the show.
We want to thank all those who signed up to tie and a special thanks to Jim for all the
work he put into the coordination of the IEFFC effort.
We are set for next year and fully expect a return of this great show.
Those signed up to tie flies included Jon Bowne, Lee Funkhouser, Jerry McBride,
Bruce Morgan, Dan Lobb, Bob Schmitt, Walt Balek, Stephen Aspinwall, Lowell
Tveit, Bill Papesh, Phil Beck, Bo Brand, Bryan Harman, Skip Cavanaugh, Jake
Nelson, David Lohman and Bob Burton. Included in our contribution to the show,
Leon Buckles was scheduled to do special presentations of “Fly Fishing 101 and Beyond” in daily seminars. Thanks to all of you and hoping you will move your commitment to the 2021 Big Horn Show.