Sometimes things go South!

The second week of April, Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club members, Bob Burton, Bill Papesh, and Leon Buckles, were on their annual trip to the Bahamas. Three good friends, Jim, Larry and Mic, were a part of the group to fish for bonefish.  What could possibly to wrong…and right?!?  Check out the May Fly Leaf to learn about their adventure!


February 5th Fishout to Rocky Ford

Who said you can’t have a Fishout in February- not us!  Members enjoyed bluebird weather for February during  a fish-out to Rocky Ford.  Fish were
caught and a good batch of chili by served up by Bryan Harman!


What’s New with Strike Indicators?

We’ve all been there…Working some nice fish. Then the release type of strike indicator keeps coming unbuttoned on each cast. Frustrating. It happens when we are fishing our balanced or jiggy type flies. Indicator fatigue. The foam wears out around the peg.

February’s Fly Leaf, presented some fun ideas with fixed indicators- Part 1. They are effective to about 8 feet of depth.  With the release indicators, we can fish depth up to 14 feet effectively. It’s a good system but it’s time to upgrade the design. Two goals: An indicator that lasts; and is easier to see.  For detailed design and instruction, read Mark Pinch’s  Part 2 of “What’s New with Strike Indicators?” in the April Edition of The Fly Leaf!

2019 Big Horn Show

We need to give a big thank you to the 18 volunteers who did a great job at the Big Horn
Show this year showing kids (and some adults) how to tie flies and sharing our enthusiasm for the sport of fly fishing. Our club was wonderfully represented by Leon Buckles, Bruce Morgan, Ray Kranches, Lee Funkhouser, Stephen Aspinwall, Dan Lobb, Gordon Olson, Randy Shaber, Jerry McBride, Bill Papesh, Bob Burton,
Bryan Harman, Skip Cavanaugh, Lowell Tveit, Phil Beck, Bill McElroy, Bo Brand
and Jim Athearn.

This was probably our busiest year, in part because show attendance
in general was up plus our booth was one of those listed on the kids’ passport program. That meant every one of them stopped by the booth to get their stamp and many then lined up to try their hand at tying. Bill Papesh brought some hats to hand out which is always popular.

I would like to give extra thanks to Leon, Bill P, Phil and Bill M for taking care of setting up and tearing down the booth while I stood around and watched. Leon generously provides the tables and chairs for us and he stores all of the other items that we use every year. Most importantly, he is there every day, all day to help me make sure everything is
taken care of and running smoothly and he is a fountain of knowledge for all the tough
questions we get.

We are signed up again for 2020 in the same booth (85) so mark your calendars to save some time to volunteer or just come to the show and visit with us. Show dates will be March 19 – 22.