Long Lake Open For Fishing

After last years devastating fire, there was concern that Long Lake 2the fishing at Long Lake, near Republic, might be affected.   It looks as though prospects for this year have improved quickly.Long Lake 1

I visited Long Lake today and the campground is open and looks very much like it always has.  There is some fire damage in the campground and around the lake, but the affect is somewhat minor.  The campground was also filling up throughout the day.  They have removed the garbage containers, so if you go make sure you are prepared to pack your garbage out with you when you leave.  They also have signs indicating that the trail around the lake is closed.


The fishing…well let’s say the fishing is good.  I tracked a lot of fish on Long Lake 3my finder and I caught a fair number.  I have to say it seemed like I caught more of the bigger fish, although the largest fish would not be considered a monster, (about 15 inches).  I only lost one fish to the loons and I was lucky he didn’t get it first try, because it was still attached to my fly.  In my judgement the three hour trip to Long Lake is certainly worth the drive.