Fin Clipping Fall 2015

WDFW again contacted IEFFC to see if we could provide assistance to the Spokane Hatchery with fin clipping.  We had eleven hearty individuals show up on Wednesday, September 23rd to spend a day clipping adipose fins on microscopic fish.  If you have not had the opportunity to participate, let Jim Athearn know so he can contact you in the Spring.  It is a valuable service and a memorable experience, especially when they do not sedate those wily critters enough to keep them still.

Fin Clipping 2015

The members participating were Jerry Harms, Ivan Lines, Stephen Aspinwall, Bill Papesh, Neal Beechinor, Chet Allison, Floyd Holmes, Bob Burton, Leon Buckles, Don Perry and Scott Fink.


Thank you very much for helping.


Rocky Ford Creek Bridge

Earlier this year the Washington State Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers (WSCIFFF) asked fly fishers and fly fishing clubs from around Washington State to write to their legislators for support in budgeting money for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to repair or replace the lower foot bridge on Rocky Ford Creek that has been determined to be unsafe.  Most fly fishers in our state have fished Rocky Ford at some time, especially in the winter when there aren’t many other places to go.  The lower bridge is critical to accessing some of the best fishing.


Rocky Ford Bridge


During the 2015 legislative session the Washington State Legislature passed funding that included money to repair or replace the bridge.

There was considerable sticker shock generated by the $300,000 budgeted for the project by the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department.  A major element of the projected cost was to accommodate dramatically increased flows caused by major changes in the Columbia Basin irrigation system.  The increased flow is now a reality.  IEFFC member Bob Anderson stopped by Rocky Ford a few days ago and was shocked by what he saw.  Bob said that the increased flow has caused big changes making long-time access spots unusable.  As Bob said, “we will have to learn how to fish Rocky Ford all over again”.

Submitted by Jerry McBride.


Long Lake Area Burned

The North Star Complex fire has taken a favorite fishing area for a number of IEFFC fishermen.  Although no reports of the final damage have been received, it is reported that the fire did burn through the Long Lake area and is likely to have consumed the campground and surrounding forested area.  Long Lake-Ferry County

We are awaiting news as to the extent of the damage and will update everyone with any news we hear.  There is concern for the area as it does support one of the state’s few nesting pairs of common loons.  The lake also has a resident eagle, as well as a colony of beavers.  The area was the site of a recent IEFFC outing and hope is that the damage will be minimal and the recovery quick.