WDFW Regional Director’s Award

At the Faha Ebsen Access dedication ceremony, Jim Athearn received the “Regional Director’s Award” from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for his work on Faha Ebsen project.

Jim worked closely with Josh Mills of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, Bob Dice, Chris Donley, Greg Heingartner, Jerrod Ploof and Jeremy Trump to successfully purchase the land for public access to the Grande Ronde River.

Jim’s dedication to this project was key in making it a success.  As stat

   Jim Athearn

ed on the plaque “For your dedication and persistence in procuring funds to purchase the Ebsen property and in your subsequent donation to WDFW.  Your efforts have secured public fishing access at this popular site in perpetuity. Thank you!”

We all know how hard Jim worked on this project and this award is certainly well deserved.