Swanson Lakes Wildlife Area

As many of you know, Mark Pinch and Lee Funkhouser have been attending meetings of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for the past few years working on the management plan for the Swanson Lakes Wildlife Area.  The plan is important to us because the area includes Z Lake, a fly fishing lake that attracts some of our members.

In the past 18 months the advisory committee has completed the management plan and we are pleased to report that the WDFW has been working with us to maintain the Z Lake fishery as is, with some minor improvements regarding directional signage.  There is access to the lake by trails, and for those needing easier access, the office at Swanson Lakes will provide a key to the gate so that one can drive to Z Lake.

I am including the proposed public schedule for the finalization of the management plan for anyone interested.    I have not fished Z Lake, but many of our members have and the reports have been good.

Public Presentation Schedule

May 11th the Swanson WLA Draft Plan will be released for SEPA and public review (30 days)

May 19th Swanson Lakes Wildlife Area Public Meeting will be held at 6PM at the WDFW Spokane                Regional Office

June 22nd – Final WAAC review of the final plan (emailed out to WAAC members)

Early July – published on the WDFW website

How to get there:

Driving to Z Lake is relatively easy.  Hiking into the lake itself from Telford Road is not as easy, but certainly doable carrying a float tube.

Driving out Highway 2 and past Davenport, you will look to take a left turn on Fictenberg Road, (approximately 42miles out of Spokane).  Travel on Fictenberg road for 7 miles and take a left on Telford Road.  Follow Telford Road for about 4 miles and then you will have to park and hike the rest of the way going due west.