Signs For Medical Lake

In cooperation with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the town of Medical Lake the IEFFC furnished two new signs spelling out Selective Gear fishing rules for Medical Lake.  These signs are the same as the ones put up earlier at Amber and Coffeepot.  Medical Lake city personnel installed the signs, one on the road down to the launch ramp on the south end of the lake and the other adjacent to the parking lot at the north end of the lake.

Club members Jim Athearn, Phil Beck, Gary Honeyman and Jerry McBride refurbished and repainted two used sign frames that been stored at Gary’s place for the last 10 or 12 years.  The next day after the paint dried Jim, Phil and Jerry installed the new signs purchased from Monroe Correctional Industries in the frames.  Club member Bruce Morgan volunteered to take the signs out to Medical Lake in his truck.

The number one violation of Selective Gear rules at Medical Lake is the use of bait.  Hopefully the signs we provided will reduce this violation.  At the least, if someone gets ticketed they can’t claim they didn’t know the rules.