New Sign at Amber Lake

Jerry McBride and Jim Athearn recently installed a new sign at the

Jerry McBride at Amber Launch

Amber Lake boat launch. This new sign replaces the previous one and emphasizes the selective gear regulations and the bait prohibition. We will be installing a similar one at Coffeepot and are talking with WDFW about possibly adding two signs at Medical Lake. These signs help to educate anglers unfamiliar with the regulations, and they also aid WDFW in enforcement issues.

We have had a problem with bait fishermen at Amber for a long time and this weeks paper reported numerous bait containers on the shores of Medical Lake.

In the past Fish and Wildlife officials have asked for our assistance in notifying them of violators and many of us do routinely contact WDFW. For those of you who were not aware of the poacher hot line, it is not a bad idea to program it into your phone so that you can easily notify WDFW of a problem. The number is (509) 227-6560.

Jim Athearn and Jerry McBride

New Sign for Amber Lake