Letcher Lambuth Award Presented to Jerry McBride

In January, Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club member Jerry McBride was honored by the Washington Fly Fishing Club by receiving their highest award, the Letcher Lambuth Angling Craftsman Award.


The award is given to an individual who has some of the skills possessed by Letcher and has used those skills to make an original, significant and lasting contribution to the sport of fly fishing.


Jerry is a retired mechanical engineer and has created many new fly patterns, but his real claim to fame is in designing the “balanced leech”.  Realizing that “most insects move in a horizontal position”, Jerry sought to come up with a way to fish leeches under an indicator.  His invention was introduced to the fly-fishing world through Fly Tyer Magazine in the summer issue of 2006.  As you likely know, balanced leeches are now available in virtually every fly shop in the nation.  Promoted heavily by such fly-fishing personalities as Phil Rowley, the balanced leech has become an essential fly for those fly fishers frequenting still waters.

Jerry includes an illustrious list of previous award recipients from the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club, that includes John Propp, Del Coppock, Gener Lorenson and Steve Moran. 


Congratulations to a very deserving Jerry McBride.