Fin Clipping 2023

Fin Clipping September 26 and 27, 2023

By Jerry McBride, Conservation Chairman

Our club showed up and clipped fins again this year. Along with volunteers from the Spokane Fly Fishers we clipped the adipose fins of 50,000 trout destined to be planted in Lake Spokane (Long Lake). Avista pays for the fish as part of their mitigation for dams on the Spokane River.

Fin clipping is done to allow fishery biologists to determine the source of the fish as there is some natural reproduction in the lake.

Thanks to the IEFFC volunteers who clipped fins this year.

Tuesday, September, 26         Wednesday, September 27
Doug Brossoit                          Jerry McBride
Mark Pinch                               Bob Gersh
Skip Cavanaugh                      Phil Beck
Scott Fink
Bob Schmitt