Big Horn Sports Show

The IEFFC had an expanded role at the Big Horn Show this year and, thanks to about 20 volunteers, it was a great success reflecting very well on our club.

We added the tying theater, kids’ raffle for a beginner’s tying kit, and gave out 18 additional kits put together with donations from club members, materials from Bob Bates’ collection (courtesy of the Legacy Committee) and some club funding.  There were 100 entrants in the raffle won by Yancy Davis from Coeur d’Alene.  He was there shortly after the drawing and said he was going straight home to start tying.  Our tyers included Harry Calhoun, Neal Beechinor, Randy Shaber, Hugh Evans, Ray Kranches, Bob Harley, Rick Ripley, Gordon Olson, Leonard Gross, Bill Papish, Jerry McBride, Larry Ray, Don Perry, Leon Buckles, Jason Mulligan, Chet Allison, and Bill McElroyRick and Leon set up the booth and Larry came by to help them break it down on Sunday.  Leon was there every day, all day, to make sure things ran smoothly.  Tom May provided some hats to give the kids.  It was nice to see some IEFFC members stop by the booth and, hopefully they got to see Bill Papish in action on Saturday – a true master at working a crowd to draw in the kids for a personal tying lesson.  Thank you to all our volunteers and we look forward to next year and maybe even a few more new ideas for the kids.