Bayley Lake Restoration

BayleyIEFFC Work Party at Bayley Lake:  On  October 9th, seven members of the IEFFC continued what has been a long-standing (over 30 years) club project to maintain the inlet channel at Bayley Lake.

Jerry McBride, Floyd Holmes, Bob Anderson, Stephen Aspinwall, Bill Papish, Don Perry and Jim Athearn spent several hours removing grass, weeds and tree limbs from the channel.  They then placed gravel by the weirs to refresh the spawning area.  While it is uncertain just how much trout production occurs from the channel, it is believed that by providing a place for mature rainbows to spawn there is an increased survival in large fish that contribute to a higher quality fishery in the lake.  Jerry, Bob, Floyd and Don stayed after the work party to exercise a few of those trout.