Medical Lake Sign Project – By Jerry McBride

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it doesn’t take a village to put some new signs up, but it
did take the efforts of two governmental organizations, two fly clubs and quite a few people.
Need / Concept
During a Zoom program presentation to our club Jolynn Beauchene, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officer mentioned the need for a sign at the Medical Lake City Park that spelled out fishing rules for Medical Lake. The sign would be placed at the park on the southwest end of the lake. She had come up with a sign concept that was more pictorial and thought it would be more effective.
City of Medical Lake
Scott Duncan, Facilities Manager for the City of Medical Lake was a strong supporter of placing the sign in
the park and coordinated the schedule and determined the location of the sign.
Budget for Sign
Spokane Fly Fishers partnered with the IEFFC and contributed half of the cost of the sign.
Creation of Sign
Jolynn emailed the graphics for the sign to me and I forwarded them along with some verbiage to IEFFC
member Lee Funkhouser who put the graphics and verbiage together for a 48” wide by 42” high sign in digital form. I then forwarded this to National Barricade & Sign Co. that produced the sign

Frame for Sign and Assembly of Sign
After the steel was acquired for the frame, IEFFC club member Bob Johnson took the lower cross member
piece into the machine shop of his former employer and notched out the ends so the cross member would fit
into the frame. I took the frame pieces to the home shop of IEFFC club member Floyd Holmes who welded
and painted the frame. Floyd and I then pop riveted the sign into the frame.
Installation of the Sign
On July 12, 2022 a team consisting of two members from the Spokane Fly Fishers (Ken Moore and Chet
Allison) and two from the IEFFC ( Phil Beck and Jerry McBride) installed the sign.
Due to the generous donation by the Spokane Fly Fishers there was enough money left in the Projects budget
to “resheet” the other two signs at Medical Lake with the new version of the sign. The signs were pulled out
of the frames and taken to National Barricade to be resheeted. To resheet a sign, a new sign is printed on
plastic film and applied over the old sign. This allows the reuse of the aluminum backing plate saving about
$100 per sign. Phil Beck and Jerry McBride repainted the sign frames and installed the new resheeted signs
August 1.
At the end of the day there is a totally new sign at the Medical Lake city park plus updated signs with the
current pictorial style at the boat launch and at the north end of the lake. Hopefully the new signs will improve compliance with the Select Gear fishing rules. The signs are there because of the efforts of two governmental organizations, two fly clubs and a whole lot of people.