Zoom Meetings

Jon Bowne has done a tremendous job giving us access to our speakers. The first month of Zoom certainly had its problems, but we were able to enjoy a very well done program by one of our favorite speakers, Phil Rowley. We also obtained Phil’s permission to send the program out to the members who missed the telecast. If you missed that email with the program replay information let us
know and we can get you the youtube link.

Until Covid is under control and we again are able to meet, we will be looking at presenters who embrace the zoom concept. We will continue to ask permission to record the sessions and will put those presentations on youtube. We will not be putting them on the website as that is available to the general public, so we will continue to send out the url link to the membership.

It is great to see and talk with members during the half hour leading up to the zoom presentation.

Make yourself available for the broadcast and say hello to everyone as you log on and await the speaker. We miss you all and look forward to a time when we can meet again.

Our club has too long a history to let it fall by the wayside. We will continue to fish. We will continue to look for projects in which we can participate. We will find ways to communicate and stay in contact with our membership. We will survive.