Boy Scout Merit Badge Class

The IEFFC taught fly tying and the Spokane Fly Fishers (SFF) taught fly casting to 15 scouts at the Scout Store on a recent Saturday.  All of the scouts got two hour’s instruction on fly tying and two hours on fly casting.

IEFFC members Jerry Harms, Jerry McBride, Bruce Morgan and Bob Schmitt taught the fly tying course.  When the scouts finished they had successfully tied a wet fly (Halloween Wooly Bugger) and a dry fly (Renegade) that met their Fly Fishing Merit Badge requirement.

SFF President Paul Olsen and dual IEFFC/SFF member Jon Bowne taught the fly casting course.  All 15 scouts successfully passed the Fly Fishing Merit Badge requirement to cast 30 feet with an overhead cast and a roll cast.

Scout Master Bob Beer asked the scouts if they enjoyed the courses and they gave him a resounding YES!