Kid’s Fishing 2019

Kid’s Fishing was again a great success and IEFFC was well represented with helpers on both Friday and Saturday.  Floyd Holmes was in charge of the IEFFC representation and did an outstanding job.

Friday was the special event for the Ronald McDonald House kids and it was well attended.  The children had a wonderful time and the parents and friends also enjoyed themselves.  Helping on Friday were IEFFC members Bruce Morgan, Jerry Harms, Lee Funkhouser, John Bennett, Bob Schmitt and Phil Beck.

Saturday brought us to the main event and over a thousand kids.  Fishing was sometimes difficult as the bright sunshine pushed many of the fish away from the shore meaning most fish were caught from the docks.  The kids still had a great time.  Assisting WDFW on Saturday were IEFFC members Bruce Morgan, Lee Funkhouser, Randy Shaber, John Bennett, Jim Athearn, Bryan Harman, Eric Delbo, Floyd Holmes, Phil Beck, Paul Coopwood and Doug Arndt.

Thanks to all who helped.