Kid’s Fishing

Kid’s Fishing was again a great success and a number of IEFFC members were present to assist WDFW with the project.


The event started on Friday, May 4th with the Ronald McDonald House group fishing in the afternoon.  We had 10 members present to help.  Special thanks goes to Bill Herrington, Mike Shaunessy, Ray Kranches, Stephen Aspinwall, Lee Funkhouser, Bob Schmitt, Jerry Harms, Paul Coopwood, Bruce Morgan, and myself.  It was a fun and successful event for all the guys and the kids and there were a lot of fish caught with a few big fish.

Saturday, May 5th was the open event, which attracted over 900 kids.  We had 12 guys show up to help the kids fish. They were Mike Shaunessy, Paul Wham, Randy Shaber, Stephen Aspinwall, Lee Funkhouser, Bill Papesh, Bob Burton, Paul Coopwood and his grandson Ryan Ehring, Dick Avery, Bruce Morgan, Ron Gill, and my self.  Fun was had by all and a lot of fish were caught with a few big fish.


Thanks too all the guys that helped out on the two days.  It was the best turnout of guys that we have had, you all did good jod and you made our club proud.