2016 Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show

Bill Papesh IMG_6983A big thanks to all of the IEFFC Volunteers who participated in the Big Horn show this year.Skip Cavanaugh IMG_6997

It was a tremendous effort by our club members and everyone seemed to have fun. Although there appeared to be a lot smaller crowd this year, the responses from the people that were there were very positive. We had quite a few kids return for more tying and there were even several adults who sat down for a quick lesson. Most of our young “regulars” were back and it is really nice to see that they have kept up their interest. We gave out more tying kits this year and the winner of our special raffle kit was Abigail Inui. She was very pleased as her younger sister had received one of our starter kits last year and they have been sharing that one. Now she has her own.

Club volunteers this year were Harry Calhoun, Bob Schmitt, Bob Johnson, Gordon Olson, Bruce Morgan, Stephen Aspinwall, Ray Kranches, Bob Burton, Neal Beechinor, Bill Papesh, Phil Beck, Lowell Tveit, Skip Cavanaugh, Bob Harley, Jason Mulligan, Larry Ray, Al Cunningham, Bryan Harman, and Jim Athearn.Al Cunningham IMG_6999

Special thanks to Leon – not only did he provide the tables and chairs for the club booth but he was there every day, all day helping out. Everything ran more smoothly because of him. Several guys pulled extra shifts either by design or to help fill in for some late cancellations – thank you Gordon, Leonard, Bill and Phil. All the kids loved the hats Bill brought for them to hook their newly-tied flies on.

We will be back next year so please save some time to come back and join us again or at least plan to go out to the show, visit our booth and share a few stories. Dates are: March 16 through 19, 2017.