Fin Clipping

Long Lake RB 3-2014Long Lake RB 3-2014-2On March 10th ten members from the IEFFC volunteered to help WDFW clip fins at the Spokane Hatchery.

These fish are to be released in Long Lake as part of a study being funded by Avista. A big thank you to George Potter, Larry Ray, Floyd Holmes, Bruce Morgan, Ray Kranches, Neal Beechinor, Jerry Harms, Ivan Lines, Dan Lobb, and Harry Calhoun.

Randy Osborne, District 2 Fisheries Biologist for WDFW, followed up by saying “I want to thank the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club for providing volunteers to help with the fin-clipping at Spokane Hatchery.  With your clubs help, we ended up clipping about 37,000 fish that day!”